Black Alice

July 2022 – I’ve finally finished my latest one. An erotic romance sci-fi story. And the first volume is free! Simply go to Black Alice’s page and scroll down a bit. No registration or anything required.

I’ll be adding this to Amazon soon, although the purchase price, as always, is cheaper from this website.

April 2022 – I was getting a bit sick of various problems with my old hosting provider, so I finally pulled my finger out and moved to a new host. Let’s hope this will make my page a bit more reliable. So far their customer service has been much improved, and they’re cheaper too, a bit, and don’t charge £50 a year for an SSL certificate. Admittedly, I could have probably done the SSL thing myself, but I have books to write darn it!

Talking of which, my new erotic sci-fi novel: Black Alice – Space Pirate Queen is getting towards being done. I even commissioned an artist to do a cover for me! So, coming in May, hopefully. Although, possibly June…

March 2021 – Apparently, whilst having a nice(ish) looking site is okay, you actually need people to know about it. Who knew?

This needs ‘marketing’ things to happen, and so, having taken advice from people who supposedly know about this, I’ve decided to do an updates page, or newsletter, or blog post. Not really sure what to call it yet. Time will tell.

Anyhoo, so hopefully this will be a regular-ish thing, and I’ll be able to set it up to send out as an email newsletter. Fear not though, I’ll don’t plan on spamming your inbox day in and day out. I’m not a fan of that myself, so don’t expect other people to be.

Apart from this new fangled blog thingy, I’ve also finally managed to get around to adding SSL to the site. This is the httpS in the URL. Previously, if you browsed in Google Chrome, when you tried to come here, it could send up red alerts and ‘danger’ signs, which is bad for a site trying to sell stuff. Hopefully this won’t happen anymore, but I may still need to tweak, so if anyone is ‘alerted’ by Chrome, please let me know!

Thank you for reading.

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