The Erotic Misadventures of Black Alice – Space Pirate Queen!


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Introducing the tale of Black Alice!

From innocent and naïve schoolgirl, to bloodthirsty space pirate queen!

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Warning!  This book contains adult situations, as well as violent and bloody scenes.  However, it’s also a romance story, so, you know, it balances out in the end. 😉

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Black Alice
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The Erotic Misadventures of Black Alice.

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This is an erotic romance story.  Hence it contains many adult situations, as well as some violence.  All tastefully done of course.  Well, mostly.  Okay, okay, some of it’s tasteful.

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This is also available on Amazon.


(Non-erotic) Excerpt:

We parted from Lea and Deborah, and I collected my sword from our room, and then Nuba and I made our way down to the training area.

As before, it wasn’t busy. There was a man and a woman sparring with rapiers in one corner, and a large chap firing a semi-automatic weapon in the target range, and wasting ninety percent of his bullets I noted.

You came!”

I turned round to see Adam waving. Whilst he walked towards us, I took the chance to take a look him over properly, and nodded to myself. Nuba was right. Adam was well built, fit and there was either a sock stuffed down his trousers, or he had something worth examining in more detail there.

So, you ready to get beaten again?” he asked, grinning.

Oh, bring it on,” I said, smiling back. I drew my sword and handed the sheath to Nuba.

Just swords again?” he asked. “I suppose to begin with. Over here then.” He led us to an area near the far wall, with a large square marked out on the floor. “Rules are to stay within the square,” he said. “Step outside, you lose.”

I see we’re playing games,” I sniffed. “Fair enough, I can slow down a bit for you.”

Oh ho! I do like a challenge,” he responded. “And go!”

With no warning at all he lunged at me. Considering I wasn’t wearing any protective clothing, and he was using a real, sharp as fuck sword, I guess he either had great confidence in his abilities or mine.

His confidence wasn’t misplaced of course, I stepped back and parried, then countered. We went back and forth for a minute or so, testing each other out, looking for strengths and weaknesses in the other party. I have to say, I found plenty of strength in his technique, and no weaknesses. He was fast and skilful. Whenever I attacked it seemed like he knew what I was going to do before I did it, and was there to block, or he evaded and countered with his own attack, pressing my defences to the limit.

After a few minutes of this he nodded. “Okay then,” he said. “Enough fooling about.” And he lunged forward. I was caught almost flat footed as his blade became a blur, and was slowly pushed back, barely able to avoid his sword as it whirled this way and that, a silver streak, always a sliver away from breaking through.

Shit!” I said, panting, and upped my own game, concentrating hard and drawing on all the skills I’d had drummed into me by my tutors back at The School, and even before that, with my family.

I succeeded in stopping him pushing me out of the square, and even recovered a pace or two, but I couldn’t get through his defence. I thought about Boosting, but my pride stopped me from doing so. This was good practice, I could learn something here.

It was a good job I decided that, because a second later this tip of his sword was at my throat.

Fuck!” I squawked, as I went cross eyed, looking down at the blade.

Yield,” Adam panted.

I do so yield,” I said, and the sword moved away.

Nice work,” he said.

I wiped my brow and looked around. The three others in the training area had all stopped to watch our match. Two of them broke into a round of applause. I gave them a slight bow.

Nuba came up to me and mopped my forehead with a cloth. “Someone’s been put in her place,” she said.

I’m just warming up,” I retorted.

You’re really good,” Adam said. “Now, how about sword and dagger, see if you can use two hands? Here, you can borrow this one.” He handed me a long knife, with a shield around the handle to protect the hand.

Thank you,” I said.

We lined up, with the two weapons this time, and off we went once more. Again, Adam started slowly, well, relatively slowly, which gave me a little time to adjust and adapt, and as I did, I noticed a slight opening when he made a certain move.

When he sped up again, a minute or so later, I was once more forced on the defensive, being pushed slowly backwards, although at least this time I managed to get an attack in once or twice. Not that they got anywhere near getting through to him.

However, I was looking for that move again, and so, when I saw it, I was ready. As he drew back the opening was there. I went in low, ducking under his sword, which was out of position, and just about managed to stop my blade before it skewered his stomach.

Ah ha!” I said. “Yield.”

I yield,” he replied, smiling.

Got you,” I gloated.

You did, I was wondering if you’d spot that gap.”

What?” My mouth dropped. “You mean you did that on purpose?”

He shrugged. “Sorry. Very, very few people ever notice it. I wanted to see if you would.”

That’s cheating!” I complained, upset about my ‘fake’ win.

Sorry Alice,” he replied. “But think of me as a tutor giving you an exam. I need to make sure you notice things in combat, and are able to take advantage of any chance. You passed. Now, again? I promise I won’t let you win this time.”

Grrr,” I said, looking over at Nuba. She nodded once, very slightly.

So this time, when Adam started pushing me, I Boosted. Only very slightly, enough to match his speed.

Immediately I managed to stop him forcing me back, and I saw his eyebrow twitch in surprise. So I went on the attack, using my increased speed to push him.

And yet, even then, I couldn’t do it. The man was just too damned skilful. Several times I nearly broke through, but each time he did a clever little trick and avoided my attack. Then, as I was really starting to sweat, he made a move that had my eyes spinning, and I found myself, once again, holding nothing, as my sword spun through the air and embedded itself in the wall. Before I could react, the point of his blade was at my throat.

I unBoosted.

Fuck it!” I shouted. “I yield.”

Adam raised his sword in salute. “Shit girl, you can fence,” he said, wiping his brow.

I looked at Nuba, who just raised her eyebrows.

You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied, as Nuba came over and handed me my sheath back, then gave me a consolation kiss.

I think, with practice, you could be really good,” Adam said.

As opposed to the really crap swords-woman she is now?” Nuba asked.

Meh,” he shrugged. “She’s above average I guess.”

Oh you,” I scowled, but in a friendly way.

Well, I need a shower I think,” he went on.

Is there one here?” I asked. “I’m feeling dirty myself, all of a sudden.” I winked at Nuba.

Sure,” Adam replied, not picking up on my hint at all. “Come with me, I’ve some spare towels and soap.”

He walked off, and it was my turn to waggle my eyebrows at Nuba. “May I?” I whispered at her.

Oh yes, this I want to see,” she replied, her eyes twinkling.


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