Narg and the Necromancer


Narg, Barbarian adventurer and survivor of a thousand battles, takes on his latest assignment – to hunt down and kill a nefarious necromancer.  However, not everything is as it first seems, and he finds himself battling more than just the undead, as someone – or something – sets out to stop him.

Classic, well maybe not classic, but still, Swords and Sorcery!




The Devils’ breath was loud and rasping, filling the room up with the heat and smell of hell. Narg could barely hear it over the beating of his heart. Keeping close to the wall he slid around the room. The Devil didn’t move.

Somewhat reassured by the lack of response he stepped up the pace a bit, eyes scanning the area as he did so. There! A single table. It could only be there. Stepping towards it he reached out…

and flew across the room as an enormous red hand smashed him in the side. “What do you think you are doing mortal?” Images of hell flashed across Narg’s mind as the words arrived straight into his brain.

He slid down the wall he had hit and gasped. Only his chainmail shirt had prevented his ribs being crushed. The floor shook as the devil strode over to him and picked him up as if he were no more than a bug.

I admire your courage! No one has ever dared show their face in here, let alone tried to sneak past me! What bold faced impertinence. I am almost amused! Still, I cannot allow you to live.”

Narg was flung head over heels high into the air to land on the very desk he’d been trying to reach. There was a huge crash as he smashed the thing into firewood. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something rolling away…

A shadow loomed over him. The Devil raised a fist and prepared to smash Narg into jelly.

Wait! Wait! I have an idea,” gasped Narg, desperately dragging himself up off the floor and wiping blood off his face. “Spare me, and I will aid you.”

You aid me? How could you aid me?”

Listen to me and we can both profit, I vow!” Narg pulled himself up to a standing position and looked the Devil in the eye, though the effort and pain nearly killed him.

You want to make a deal with me?” The giant form tapped a claw on his chin for a moment. There was a low rumble that could have been laughter. “Go on then, I’m listening.

Okay” said Narg, trying not to fall over. “Here’s what I propose…”


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