Gloom Rising


Gloom Rising – Sci-fi eBook.

The future.

Murder, rape, theft and brutality is the norm, and that’s just the cops.

Now a new player is about to come to town, and things are really going to go downhill.


Gloom Rising is a dark novel set in a bleak future.  It contains violence, sexual scenes, bad language, drug use, even more violence.  All the stuff you know you shouldn’t want to read.

But you do, don’t you?






Gloom Rising – Sci-fi eBook.

Excerpt – Warning: Adult Language!


“He’s coming round.”
Gloom moaned. His body hurt everywhere, and it wasn’t shy about complaining about it. Still, pain meant he wasn’t dead.
He hoped.
Gloom opened his eyes wide, a sudden panic overwhelming him, and was immediately reassured by the fluorescent lighting shining down from a plain white ceiling. If this was hell, they had hospitals.
Two male faces swam into his vision, looking at him with serious expressions. One spoke.
“Detective Inspector Gloom? Can you hear me?”
A weak sound was all Gloom could manage in way of a reply.
“Ah, good. My name’s Dr. Digger, and this is my companion, Dr. Straight. I’m afraid we have some bad news for you.”
Gloom’s heart sped up, and he tried to pull himself upright, with limited success. He found himself in a bed, which was in the centre of a small, sterile looking room. Next to him several machines bleeped, no doubt indicating he wasn’t dead yet. A single door marked the way in. The two doctors were standing to one side, both dressed in long white gowns. One was tall with dark hair, the other slightly shorter, and blond.
“B…bad news?” he croaked.
The first doctor nodded. I’m afraid the damage to your penis was too severe. We had to amputate.
Glooms’ scream echoed around the room.
“However, we can replace it with this,” the second doctor said, holding up small piece of plastic tubing, about as long as his little finger.
“Oh fucking Jebus Christ! Just kill me now!” Gloom grasped weakly at his crotch, and then stopped, puzzled. All seemed to be intact downstairs.
The two doctors burst out into laughter, nudging one another.
Hhahahaaw! Did you see his face?”
“He nearly shit himself! Hahahaw! Classic!” the other one agreed.
I’m afraid we had to amputate! Oh my god, I could barely keep a straight face!”
“Very funny you fucks,” Gloom scowled. “Call yourself professionals? I should have you up before the medical board or something.” He kept his hand firmly over his privates, which were throbbing in pain, much like the rest of him.
The door to the room opened, and the medical staff stopped their laughing as Commissioner Ice strode into the room, her stilettos clicking sharply on the floor. She wore a smart black jacket and straight skirt down to her knees. Impeccably turned out as always, she stood on the other side of the bed and gave the doctors a Look. They both made themselves scarce in a hurry, leaving Gloom alone with her.
“Hi boss,” he said, attempting to sound cheerful. “I’ve made some progress on that case…”
Ice cut him off.  “You’ve made a fucking mess.”


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