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25th Dec 21 – I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s hope we can get on top of this bloody virus in 2022 and life can return to some semblance of normal, whatever that is!

1st Dec 21 OMG, sorry for those people who bought a book on here and had trouble completing the order just recently! I did an update and changed a setting that automatically authorised the sales. I’ve fixed this now, with no small faffing about. If you’re still having problems, please email me at: NeilHartleyBooks (at) gmail.com

November 2021 – Brand new!

Diary of an Alien Slave.

A very adult sci-fi/romance tale, including lots of, *ahem* erotic action. Over 18s only!

Diary of an Alien Slave

October 2021 – The site has been having a few technical issues lately. If you click on a link and it gives you an ‘500’ error, please try reloading (the page in the browser), it usually works. I’m looking into this problem.

I’ve also updated my updates page, and fixed a problem with my Tired of Death book not downloading. Sorry for any inconvenience!

14th May 21 – New on NHB!

Remember Me

A mystery/adventure with lots of action!

Remember me

3rd May 2021 – Added a new update for May here. Including my Instagram link. WooOOoooOo.

May 21: New Release!

Unlikely Tales!

My first ever compilation of short stories. Four unreleased tales of anarchy and confusion!

Unlikely Tales of Horror, Confusion and Dark Deeds

March 21: New Release!


A sci-fi tale with a dash of humour.

Run by Neil Hartley

Feb 21: New release!

The Lord of All.

An epic fantasy with a heroic female protagonist.

The Lord of All

The Necromancer’s Chronicles.

Urt is a dire wizard with a problem! A dark fantasy/comedy story.

The Necromancer's Chronicles

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