March Updates

In an ongoing attempt to improve my site and service, I’ve been tweaking things a bit.

There’s now a feedback page, should you feel the urge (although so far I’ve only had some Russian spam), and you can also now leave reviews for my books on the book/product page.

NH books

Constructive feedback is always welcome. I don’t mind if you didn’t like a book (well, I do, but you know what I mean), but please tell me why you didn’t like it, so I can bear in mind for future works.

I won’t delete non-good reviews unless they’re along the lines of: “This was 5h1t” – if you see what I mean. If it’s: “This story was 5h1t because the characters were totally unbelievable, plus there were lots of spelling mistakes and etc etc” … then that’s okay. I can work/fix this sort of thing.

Whilst, as mentioned last time, I’ve added secure SSL (httpS) to the site, it still doesn’t default to that, so that’s on my to-do list too.

I also have a mailing list now! WoooOoo. So you can get updates and marketing events. You’ll be added automatically (I think!) if you create an account/download a book. I’m working on an option to add yourself to the mailing list without this, so hopefully coming soon!

If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see, then please let me know.

You can also find some of my works-in-progress at under the name ‘Ren’.

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