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With Murderous Intent.

Welcome! This page is for my manga-style light novel: Reincarnated in a Fantasy World with Murderous Intent.

As of the end of June 2024, this is four books, and I’m working on the next, which I’m aiming to get out next month.

It’s available on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited). I’ve priced the books there as low as they will let me, so please don’t be put off if you don’t subscribe to KU.

Click on the links below, or here, to be taken to your local Kindle store.

Reincarnated in a Fantasy World with Murderous Intent - Book 1 - Baby Steps

Book 1 – Baby Steps – Having finally killed the demon that murdered his family – at the expense of his own life – Marc finds himself in a weird kind of limbo. The ruler of this limbo, Midex, informs him that the demon actually managed to escape, back to the world it had originated from. Given a choice, Marc elects to be reincarnated in this world, to hunt it down once again. Upon opening his eyes though, he finds he has to start again – as a baby!

Book 2 – Academy – Theo has made it back from the farm with his new goblin friend Gisel, survived a spider infested dungeon and his first mage battle against the mysterious Isakar. Now he faces his first year as a student of magic. Lessons in this school though, are not limited to the classroom! The giant dungeon underneath the building and combat tournaments are simply two trials he will have to navigate, with his new friends by his side, and some enemies in his way!

Book 3 – Royal Pains – After Theo helps Ella with her prince problem, the family head off to El for the holidays. Once again the trip is not without incident, as, after an encounter with the bishop of death, Theo realises he may have made a huge mistake. Back at the academy this comes home to roost, when he and his newly reformed party are assigned to the royal palace, and are soon embroiled in political upheaval!

Book 4 – Demonic Whispers – Surviving the coup, Theo and his party are thanked by the queen, and offered rewards. However, an urgent mission comes up first, and so they are sent off to Cowl, a port town to the west of Silfen, where are assigned to track down the gang who is responsible for a spate of kidnappings – suspected slavers. Of course, they are up to the task, but the culprits may be more than anyone bargained for!

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